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Chem-Clean UK are leading the fight against bacteria and viruses, at work, leisure, healthcare and transportation. To help control and combat these viruses within hospitals, food preparation facilities, oil and gas sector, offices, emergency services, requires a proven solution to remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Chem-Clean UK have that solution using state of the art fogging equipment. Our fogging equipment is engineered in the UK, by professional leading experts, in this field. We use a specialist engineered nozzle which produces an ultra fine mist, a mere 5 microns droplet which circulates and penetrates everywhere within the facility being decontaminated. It produces a “dry fogging mist” which is safe to use on keyboards and computers etc.

Following extensive investigation, it was discovered that bacteria could be found in very difficult places to treat such as the TV, air vents and computer keyboards-monitors. Using conventional cleaning methods was not completely resolving the issue. With today’s world being hit with COVID-19 and other super bugs, its now time to take this seriously!

We at Chem-Clean UK will help protect you, your customers, employees and your loved ones. Using our state of the art fogging equipment that is engineered in the UK by professional leading experts, in this field.

The system we have, uses our Dry Fog nozzle, equipment can be used in places such as office or labs where there is electrical equipment. This is due to the extremely small droplet size created, a mere 5 micron droplet, meaning it doesn’t wet. Importantly the sprayed mist consisting of 5 micron droplets, ensures the disinfection achieves full and comprehensive coverage of all surfaces within the specified area. This ultra-fine mist is created by our high precision nozzle technology, which is also non-drip and a highly reliable and efficient solution.

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